Thursday, October 25, 2012


{I've been itching to get back here but didn't know where to start. Today is good, right?}

Cut up strawberries, bits of {homemade. TOOT TOOT my own horn.} pancake, and honey nut o's scatter the floor under highchairs and booster seats. My un-socked feet pull with each step - honey nut o's are sticky. I just need to sweep real quick, then we'll read a book.

"Mama, help", she says. Pink broom in hand, she is sweeping up the crumbs from our morning feast and my scattered thoughts.

I wanted this to just be a quick sweep, 30 seconds at most. I stop myself from being frustrated, put down my broom, and sit on the floor so I can help her handle her broom. Because "mama, help" actually meant "mama, teach" and I pray for the teachable moments so why would I let this one slip through my fingers.

She sweeps a pile together, we work as a team to get it all in to the dustpan. On the way to the "tash", she dumps it on the floor. "Uh oh, Kiki" she says. I reassure her that it is okay, we will just sweep it up again. She is pleased with her work, making sure all of the crumbs get into the "tash" on the second attempt.

We wash our hands (because broom handles and dustpans have germs) and she runs off to play with her friend Caleb.

My eyes are slowly being opened. These are the moments I've prayed for.


Jen said...

I love when my eyes are opened and joys fills my heart in these moments too.


Kyley said...

Welcome back!!

This is a beautiful moment and you're a wonderful mama!