Monday, March 28, 2011

A long time.

Where do you start when you haven't been here in a while (a long time?)? Do you just word-vomit on the screen and hope that people can keep up? Just write and write and write until the words are on the screen and they fall off the screen and make sense but don't?

There have been some great big changes around here in the past few weeks. I asked my blog designer if she was up for redoing my blog and she said YES, OF COURSE. But I have to figure out what I want and how I want it to look and I really just want to start over and do a white screen with black letters and nothing fancy. I've been craving simplicity more and more. I want less and less.

Clean. Crisp. Straight lines.

I have thought of tracking my day and putting it here, as if anyone would care what life looks like for me, but just incase. I always like to hear how my peers spend their days, chasing after toddlby's and nursing infants and changing diapers and how often do you bathe your kids. But I start to track my day and then I forget to write something down and then I feel like a liar if I just try to remember-slash-make something up?, so I throw it out and don't start over for many weeks. Then I stop blogging. I want to start again, but where?

I'm gonna give this a try again. Hopefully more consistently. Anything you want to know about, say, the last 7 months?


Jen said...

Missed you writing but you have a reason and that is okay...but glad you are thinking of giving it a go again.

Hope all is well!


Aunt Jennifer said...

I would like to see some pictures of little precious and hear about your business venture and your aunt :) Do what you can! Love you!

Michele said...

I'm just glad you are back! :)

Whitney said...

My "main" posts are Kynlee's monthly updates. Not sure if people love reading all about my child's happenings over the past month or not but it's a great way of keeping track of all she's learning!

Jenny | The Balow Bunch said...

Yea! You're back! I've been trying a lot harder to blog more the last couple of weeks too.

It's funny that you mention bathtime. I was asking Dave last night if we were bad parents b/c it's been a week since Owen's last bath. But it's not like he gets sweaty or dirty.

thelittlebig said...

I am always interested in hearing about the day-to-day lives of moms.

~Mendie~ said...

So good to see you writing again! I've missed you!

I would love to know what the milestones the little one is up to now. I have no clue about when teeth should come in or when they start wobbling/taking steps.

And of course I want to know how you are doing with the part-time thing and handling motherhood....the good and the bad. That's what friends are here for!

Hugs momma!