Friday, January 29, 2010


Hi there,

My name is Baby Cline.
I go by bebe (my mom calls me that. Well, my mom actually calls me lots of things, but mostly she calls me bebe). My mom and dad took me to the Doctor today and I was moving around so much, the Doctor could hardly take my picture! My mom thinks that maybe she'll call me Tiny Dancer. I know what I am, but no one else does yet. My mom and dad will find out at the Doctor soon enough, that is, if my mom quits eating apples and starts eating more chocolate. Otherwise, I’m not going to let her see. She’s making me kinda mad with all the healthy stuff she’s trying to eat. I know she doesn’t like cake, but I do, and I want a piece! Is it really that much to ask??
I bet when I do show my parents if I’m a boy or a girl, they will tell you. Neither one of them are very good at keeping secrets, but can you believe they’ve known about me since DECEMBER 1, and didn’t tell (very many of) you?!

So far, I haven’t made my mom very sick. Well, wait. There was the month of December. I mean, it wasn’t that bad. I just needed lots of her energy, so she took a nap. Every. Day. And then I made her hormones kinda crazy (at least that’s what my dad says), so she cried some and then laughed again the next minute, and then felt like she was going to be sick. I heard the Doctor tell her it was from the hormones. Man, I wish you could’ve seen her – she looked green some days!

I got to travel a lot over Christmas. My parents weren’t ready to tell the world about me, but because my mom looked green and napped a lot (see above paragraph), they had to tell my Nana when they were at her house. She would’ve known something was wrong with my mom. Not only was she feeling sick, she hardly ate anything. And when she did eat, it was just those crazy Granny Smith Apples. I guess she likes them. I heard her say something about the texture and tartness. She also doesn't really like meat right now, except for cheeseburgers. And she drinks A LOT of water.

My Doctor is pretty cool. He lets my mom and dad see me every time we go to his office. My mom is worried that something will happen to me, so he lets her see me and my heartbeat. I’m growing just like he wants me too, so I’ll be here around August 9th. My dad’s birthday is August 19th and he said something once about how cool it would be if we had the same birthday. I don’t know what happened after that, but I heard my dad say “OUCH”. I think my mom pushed him down the steps.

Well, I think that’s all for now. There’s more to talk about, but my mom has to pee (oh man, does she ever have to pee).

Monday, January 25, 2010


I shouldn't be here. I should be at home.

Texas is beautiful. It's a cool 40 degrees right now, but by noon, it will be 65. Authentic Mexican food at every corner, a slower way of life, "Thank you Ma'am" and "Yes Ma'am", I long to be so polite to strangers.

An early morning wake up from a 3 year-old who just wants Uncle Aaron to "dit up" and watch "bartoons". A good morning kiss for Aunt Madalie.

The sun is shining down on the river and the deer graze in the field right by Starbucks. I sit on the patio here, and I see the river, feeling the sun warm on my face, even though I am cold.

I should be at Starbucks in Schererville. Wearing yoga pants and a too-small sweatshirt, a scarf and any shoes that fit, with a puddle from melted snow at my feet.

Aaron and I love to travel, vacation and spend time with family. This is our third trip to Texas in as many years. Our time to forget about the cold and shoveling and the driving in sludge.

When I found out in June that we were having a baby, I told Aaron I wasn't sure if we'd be able to come to Texas this winter. After talking with my doctor and receiving a due date of February 18, we discussed the possibility of traveling to Texas in December, before Christmas, to see how people celebrate winter holidays without snow. I imagine it'd be hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit without cold and snow, but I didn't have to try.

And so here we are. Because I'm not wearing clothes that are too tight, and I'm not dealing with Braxton Hicks contractions. I don't have a bag packed by the door, and the spare bedroom has yet to become a nursery. The vacation I thought we wouldn't be able to take is nearly over, and we'll be back to the life we've come to know. Which is a beautiful, wonderful life.

I'm ready for the comfort of my own bed, my own shower, and more than 3 clean shirts to choose from (that's debatable, depending on how the laundry room looks). I'm ready to see my puppy, and have him keep me warm by laying on my feet while I lounge on the couch, watching episodes of Ellen and Real Housewives.

I want to be home.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A lot of nothing.

Well hello there, little bloggy blog! I did not forget about you, but I've been at a loss of words. I know, I know - I never really stop talking. But lots of times, I get tired of hearing my own voice. So I think others probably get tired of hearing my rambling too.

Tomorrow we leave for Texas! I'm excited to visit with Aaron's family and spend some time away from snow. Even though it's not HOT in Texas, at least it's not 30 degrees. And that's good enough for me.

When we come back from Texas, I go back to work! And then my winter vacation will be over! And I won't have time to blog, but I will finally have something to talk about!

Funny how that works, huh?