Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dream A Little Dream

I just don't want to forget...

I've had 2 dreams about my Uncle Jamey since his passing. The first was when I was staying at my parents house and it was very brief and didn't make me feel anything but that I missed him.

But last night, oh, I felt him. And I felt comforted, like he's alright. It was...good.

I turned the corner and was walking on the road back to my parents house, on a route I used to walk for exercise or to think. I was alone.

I heard someone yell my name, and I turned around to see him walking toward me. Wearing jeans and a plaid, casual, button down shirt.

"Hi Sweetie. What's up?"

"Oh! I had the baby! Her name is McKinley! She's beautiful! Aaron and I are good!"

I just kept shouting things to him, and he just smiled as I rambled on. Much like he did when I was younger, or when he would teach me how to play "Password" and I wouldn't understand the directions and he'd tell me 6 times and never get frustrated.

He didn't say anything else. He just continued to walk, faster than me, but was turned around looking at me, smiling, the whole time. A big smile. A genuine smile. An "I'm Alright" smile.

I didn't run to catch up with him, I just let him walk.

And then he was gone.

And I woke up and I cried because I miss him, but I felt such a sense of peace about him. He's alright. And we're going to be alright.

Hear that, sweet family?

He's alright.

And we're going to be alright.


Sarah Halstead said...

This was beautiful.

Aunt Jen said...

Oh Nat that is sooo touching! Having known him and how he was, the dream was perfection! Thanks to him for letting us all know...he is ok. We will all be ok :) I love you!