Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Teeter. Totter.

I having a hard time finding balance.

In work and my marriage and preparing for a baby and friendships and blogging and life in general like going to the grocery store and getting my hair cut and remembering to stop at the gas station before the "low fuel" light comes on.

Work is getting busy for me and for Aaron. Time at work goes by fast, time at home, faster. We come home, eat dinner, clean up dishes, mow (eh, not me. I don't know how to turn the mower on.) play with the dog, pack lunches for tomorrow, shower, laundry, collapse. I know we are not alone in this, and I know it will only get more intense when we throw a baby into the mix.

I'm stepping away for a while. I still have things to say, but I don't want to feel pressure to write here, fearing that if I don't have something witty to say, no one will come back.

But I need to spend the time I have enjoying things like my marriage, organizing baby clothes, and washing the 7 outfits on rotation.

Be back later.

**This may have something to do with my decision not to attend Relevant. Plus I'll have a 10 week old and I've already lost sleep thinking about how she and I will get there and get around and get home and so on. It's also the weekend of my anniversary, and as I fall more in love with my husband each day, I realized how much I don't want to be away from him then. Thanks for understanding.


Megan said...

Sounds like a very wise decision. Take the time you need. Thanks for setting a good example!

Michele said...

Take whatever time you need. We'll be here when you get back!

Mrs Soup said...

Remember, the highest priority should always be you and your family. The End.

Sending prayers for peace for you!

~Mendie~ said...

Totally understandable, and like your other readers said...we'll be around when you want to share or vent again.

No pressure, your blog should be a place for relaxation not stress! Have a great day Natalie!

Anonymous said...

hi my lovely sister.
everybody here is right.. you're number one priority needs to be your family.. aaron, tiny dancer, and even my little nephew duke! if you need me, let me know. i can be there in three hours! love you :)

lizbaker said...

(Selfish response): Noooooo, now what am I going to read during the 5 am feeding???!!!

(Real response): Good for you...go enjoy that husband of yours to the fullest. And be prepared to fall more madly in love with him than you ever thought possible!