Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day In The Life

So the day goes a little bit like this. I can barely pull myself out of bed because no matter how many weeks I am, I still haven’t felt this sudden burst of energy! I keep hearing about.

I drink my caffeinated tea, with my doctors approval, because if I didn’t, I would have a caffeine-withdrawal migraine.

After the tea, I have to pee. A lot.

I am tired most of the day, wishing I could crawl under my desk for a real quick (2 hours?) power nap. But work calls, and I answer the phone, answer a question, answer the call (from my boss) to manage, schedule, insure, follow up, and finally leave.

I collapse. But only into the recliner, which is fully reclined otherwise I can’t breathe. Usually I’ve taken off any constricting undergarments by this time, otherwise I really can’t breathe. The Bella Band holds up the pants that are too big, and the pants that are too small. But it makes me itch. Don’t get me started on the bra.

I eat dinner, which could be cereal or pasta or something without meat. If I was really ambitious, I would go to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the salad that I have been craving, with cheddar cheese and full-fat Italian dressing. But when I’d get home, I’d look at it in the fridge and I wouldn’t want it anymore, so why bother.

I take out my contacts, brush my teeth, pee a few times, and say “I’m going to bed”. Then I go in the kitchen and eat something else. Maybe yogurt. Or cottage cheese, but only if I shake it up first because if I just take the lid off and see that it needs stirred, I will gag.

I’ve not done any housework because my husband loves me and knows that it takes everything in me to shower and get to work on time, and I am so, so lucky. He’s done the laundry, the dishes, and painted the nursery. He plays fetch with the dog, and makes sure he eats dinner.

So, my snack. I eat, sometimes a couple different things, usually drink some water, or some tea, and pee a couple more times before getting comfortable with my preggo pillow. I can’t sleep on my stomach. I can’t sleep on my back. It’s not comfortable to sleep on my right side because of how it pulls on my (ever-growing) stomach. So the left side it is! But then my shoulder goes numb. So I play on Twitter a little bit, chatting with friends, checking Facebook and playing Simon on my cell phone (if you have an iPhone, you need the Simon app.).

It is now 1 hour since I’ve laid down, and I am more awake than any time during the day. I get up to, you guessed it – pee, and then lay back down and pray with my whole being for some sleep.

Two or three hours later, I wake up in a sweat. Hormones, love ‘em. Of course I go pee because I’m up, and I lay back down, hoping it was just a quick break in sleep. But, hahaha, no. 2 hours and 11 trips to the bathroom later, I fall back asleep. Usually I dream about something related to food. On Sunday night, I dreamed about tomatoes and it was a beautiful, glorious dream, with perfectly ripe tomatoes overflowing in my kitchen.

The alarm goes off and I start again.

AND I LOVE IT. Every glorious bathroom-trips-in-the-middle-of-the-night-can't-eat-anything-can't-eat-enough-can't-sleep-dreaming-of-food-sciatic-pain-uterus-stretching-pain-back-pain-forgetfullness-more-bathroom-trips-minute of it.

Oh yes, Tiny Dancer. Mama loves every minute of it.


Tiny Dancer's Great Aunt said...

I wonder how many other people read that and thought....Oh yea, I remember that :) It was me through and through except I craved chocolate milk for the first time in my life! I can't wait for tomorrow!!! We love you and Aaron and Duke and Tiny Dancer so much!

The Fish Family!

bonni said...

Can you give me any advice on how you acquired sponsors for the Relevant Conference? Thanks so much!

Potential Mummy B said...

Love it! Why doesn't this post put me off having children? It sounds kind of horrendous and yet I can't wait to fall pregnant myself and experience this heaven / hell scenario myself! Thanks for the heads up though! ;o)

~Mendie~ said...

Love this! Good job tiny dancer...keep doing your thing! I am so happy for all of these happening to you!

And...I can't wait until I get to toss and turn and have to pee all the time! That sounds like such a weird wish doesn't it? LOL!

Mrs Soup said...

Hurray! Go go Tiny Dancer!

Kristine said...

The whole "burst of energy thing" is kind of a myth I've heard from many preggos. At least it was for me! You're doing awesome Momma.