Friday, February 19, 2010

Due Date.

February 18.

I made it. I made it through the day.

In fact, I made it through yesterday with an unspeakable joy! It could only be from your prayers and the power of the Holy Spirit. For this, I am so thankful.

I thought it would be hard, and I didn't know how I could make it. And it was, but I did, WE did, and here we are.

We are here. Me, Aaron, and Tiny Dancer.

And Angel. We will always have Angel.

(To those who remembered with cards, texts, and facebook messages - Thank you for not forgetting. You made the day so much easier.)


Allyson said...

(((hugs))) you are beautiful :) Love you!

Ryley @ That's My Family! said...

I can't even imagine how hard it was. I hope you found comfort in the tiny dancer in your tummy, and the prayers being said for you.
You will always have your Angel...

JayBee said...

Angel will always be by your side! I'm glad you made it through. I still have two months before my due date. It's a day I'm dreading as well.

Beana said...

What a blessing from the Lord to have Tiny Dancer growing inside you as you watched that day pass. God is good.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I'm so glad.


Aunt Becky said...

Holding you all close.