Monday, February 1, 2010

Lunch and Conversation with a 24 6 Year Old

I went to lunch with my aunt and 6-year-old cousin to tell them that I was having a baby. I gave them their Valentine's Day card, and watched as my sweet girl processed what she was reading.

"So, you WAS having a baby, and then you WASN'T having a baby, and now you ARE having a baby???"

(What I wouldn't give to redo this moment, just to have a camera out to capture the look on her face. I almost think she was as excited as I was when I saw the double line).

"Yes, that's a good way to put it!"

She took a drink of her water, tilted her head to the side, and smiled.


And then she went back to coloring on the back of her placemat.

Nearly 20 minutes later, in the car on the way home, she asked "What will you do if this baby dies?"

And choking back tears, I replied "Aaron and I will just try again!"

That answer satisfied her, as much as a 6 year-old can be satisfied, and I couldn't control my emotions. I wanted to crawl into the back seat and hold her and hug her and let her hug me back. I didn't cry because I was sad, I cried because she cares. She has the heart of a young woman and the curiosity of a child. She asked a question that many adults would like to ask, but are too afraid to know the answer to. She made me say aloud what would actually happen if this baby died. We would try again.

Oh yes, we would try, try again.

And then she asked if she could be the first person to babysit and of course I said yes. How could I say no to such a sweet little girl who genuinely cares about me, about Aaron, and about our baby.


Yesterday, she gave me a card for the baby. The inside contained a $1 bill and some change. "For the babies piggie bank", she told me.

This baby is the richest baby in the world. It is loved more than it will ever know.


Summer Willard said...

How sweet is this post?!?! Precious, just precious. Kids are wonderfully honest and sincere. They are just incredible. I'm so glad that you are in the place that you are. I pray that this pregnancy will continue to go perfectly, with no complications. My heart truly goes out to you and please know that I will continue to pray for you guys. Thanks for sharing this and I hope you have a great day!! :-)

Kaitlin said...

That is beautiful. What a sweet child. Your baby is lucky to have all this love. :)

Jen said...

She is a great girl and constant entertainment! All of our kids are lucky that they will have each other! Especially A and Cletus Jr. :) Love you Nan!

JayBee said...

So sweet your cousin reminds me of my nieces. They made Dave and I cards after our miscarriage. The outside of the card to me said, "Dave loves you. Otis loves you. Cooper loves you. Gracie loves you. We love you. Everybody loves you." (O, C and G are our cats and dogs, btw). The inside of the card said, "Sorry your baby died." And enclosed was a $1 bill.

I love that through this miscarriage process my nieces were always so honest and asked what was on their mind. I'm really excited to give them a cousin some day.

That's awesome you already have a babysitter! I'm sure she'll come in handy over the years!

~Mendie~ said...

what a sweet little heart...perfect little future babysitter!

To Think is to Create said...

Love. Tears. xoxo

Future Mama said...

OMG that is so sweet! thanks for making me cry! haha, just what I needed. This baby is hear to stay! And you've got a cute beanie already for her/him! :)

Susan said...

how precious children are :) just wait until your own little one says their first adorably honest no holds bar sort of statement. you'll be beaming more than you ever thought you could :)

Kristine said...

Okay, I'm crying. That's all.

Mama said...

I just came across your blog and started reading all about you. But this post is PRECIOUS! Good luck with your pregnancy and I look forward to hearing all about your journey!