Monday, July 27, 2009

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

BlogHer recap, Part 1, go:

Checked into hotel room, met The Bloggess. Squealed like a child. Went to a private party with Clair, ate pizza that was NOT Chicago Style, met a wonderful gal named HighImpactMom and then met MooshInIndy. Who told me I'm having a boy. Won a free RideMakerz Car and a gift certificate to their store. Paid a whole bunch of money to be toted around in a cab because I'm too lazy to walk.

Woke up on Thursday with a headache, met Carrisa and went for lunch together. Spent too much, but enjoyed the company. Moved into a new hotel room, took a nap, went to some parties where I didn't get swag because I didn't know you were supposed to fight over it. Met Chris Mann, got a picture with him that is MIA, met Mercedes, ate more pizza that was not Chicago Style, went to bed.

Was late to breakfast Friday, learned how to set up a Wordpress account, heard women talk about body image, cried. Met Roni, am inspired by her story, started to get a bad headache, ate way too many Baked Lays. Walked around the expo, met and talked with Elizabeth Ward, author of "Expect the Best", she gave me a copy of her book and even signed it for me! Took a brief nap, went to Community Keynote, insisted on staying to hear Heather and in the course of 5 minutes, headache turned to migraine. Missed out on the party for preggos at The Land of Nod, cried to my husband and told him I wanted to come home, hung up and cried some more, cried myself to sleep, missing my husband and wishing I could take something stronger than Tylenol. Slept for 12 hours, felt like crap when I woke up, spent the whole day trying not to think about having a headache. Didn't go to a single session because a.) they were too full, b.) I am not a woman of color, a man, or bi-sexual. The sessions seemed way to specific to me, and even though I know women went to the "vaginally challenged" session, it didn't seem like a fit for me.

Brought home a bunch of stuff, from laundry detergent, to stuffed animals for my baby, read tweets and posts of people talking about those there for just the swag, and want to clarify: I did not go to BlogHer to get swag, I didn't even know what to expect re: free products, but am thankful no less for free bottles, pacis, and bears, because they make me feel like a mama preparing for the arrival of her greatest pride and joy. Which has nothing to do with the internet.


Mimi's Toes said...

Oh, I am so sorry you kept having headaches and the swags were so stressful. Sounds like a combination of good and bad. You are like me, love pizza.

*Lissa* said...

Migraines suck! Sorry you felt so crappy! I hope you were able to meet some bloggy friends! :o)

Midwest Mommy said...

Heather Spohr had the same thing happen to her. What's up with that?