Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I had the day off work so I got to spend lots of time with family today. I even got to spend time with my sister, which is rare since she lives 3.5 hours away.

Then, I did a little photoshoot with some cute kids, but all you get is a little teaser.

Would you look at those little piggys?! ADORABLE.


Jen said...

Thank you soooo much! The kids really had a great time geting their pictures taken. And dinner was a good time although I did stain my only capris...dang it :) Love you!!

Nathan and Nikki Hillery said...

Yay for a lazy Saturday - that's the best kind of Saturday. And yay for spending time with family - making it an even better Saturday. Sounds perfect to me!

Mimi's Toes said...

Sounds like you needed this Saturday after the week you had. It's great to spend time with family and kick back. Love those little toes.

Allyson said...