Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fort Wayne, IN

If you are in or near the Fort Wayne, IN area, I would like to introduce you to an old friend, Dustin.

He was a friend from church, where we were active in the youth group together, as well as the worship team. We have also run into each other over the years as vocalists at weddings.

His wife, Kylee, is just a gem, and so adorable. They have a daughter and another baby on the way.

Dustin has just recently opened a photography business, and has a magnificent way of capturing lives. If you're in or around Fort Wayne, Indiana, check him out.

West Kenya Photography


Aubs said...

I JUST found out about his new business! That is so funny. I was just on his website like 2 hours ago. Pretty awesome, huh? I would totally book him if I had anything monumental to photograph. Alas. :)
Love you!

Ace said...

That's so weird to be reading through my reader and see the name of the place we just moved away from last year! Actually we lived in Columbia City, but hubs worked in Ft. Wayne and we went to church in Ft. Wayne. That seems so long ago now.

Allyson said...

Oh what's the website I love meeting new photog friends. :)

Mimi's Toes said...

Oh, how neat! I didn't know you sing. Girl, I sing too. I use to be and still am (when asked) a wedding singer and also sing at funerals. We need to have a sing along sometime. I love to harmonize. I was also in a traveling singing youth group as a teen. Good ole' days.