Sunday, May 31, 2009

We Are Family

What a weekend! We just returned from an overnight camping trip in honor of Grandma's 70th birthday. She thought she was going camping with Aunt Jackie and her kids, but when she showed up, the whole family was there to surprise her! This picture is Grandma's genuine surprise when she saw all of us in one of the cabins, AND the look of surprise when her Grandaughter Kaitlin's hair caught on fire from the candles on the cake!

After we extinguished the fire, we had a fantastic time hanging out and eating lots of good food and plastic cups.

And then we got some family pictures taken because that's WHAT WE DO.

Grandma gave birth to all these people...
Who, in turn, gave birth to all these people...

We're 3 short of being the Duggars, and way too misbehaved for our own television show. Unless it was for MTV, and a spin-off of The Real World.

And if you've ever been told that I sometimes like to be the center of attention, please know, that it is a big fat lie. Or Not.

Our mothers are so proud of our diva attitudes.

5 of the 6 grandkids under 12


And an updated picture of Mr. Cline and me!


Yocumotion said...

I LOVE that blue shirt! Where did you get it??? AND I so wear summer scarves EVERY day and love them! You have some cute ones!!! Must share you shopping secrets!

Toni said...

Really looks like a fun time. To be honest, I really can't remember the last time my family has all gotten together like that. Sad, I know. I sometimes wonder if we really just don't like each other LOL Thanks for sharing your pictures. I want to go camping now. :)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Natalie, these photos are AWESOME. Such a fun post.


Erin said...

Great photos! The last one is my favorite. It looks like a really fun weekend.

Kaitlin Johnston said...

awww ! nat i loved this ! great job !

mariahannette:) said...

awwwhh yay:) these are presh!
great job!
& you can take my button off, haha i have to fix some stuff. sorry:/