Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Seriously, if you didn't love MckMama before this post, then you should now. There are few things in life I appreciate more than honesty. You cannot fool God. He already knows what you are thinking, so you might as well just tell him. Are you pissed? Might as well tell Him, because He's the one who gave you the ability to have feelings and emotions. I appreciate her honesty, her willingness to just be real with us.

I had a Spiritual Leader in college who was real. I mean, I had a lot of real friends and Bible Study gals, but this one woman, she was real real. She was engaged to be married, and just days before her wedding, her fiance called it off. She was hurt. And pissed. And she had every right to be. I know full well that her being "pissed" did not make her less of a Christian, less of a mentor, less of a believer. The fact that she was willing to share these feelings, but still stand on the Word of God, made me admire here even more. Because she didn't pretend everything was good, she didn't pretend that she never questioned God, never wondered what the hell He was thinking or doing in her life. I loved it. I loved her for it. I respected her for being real with me.

Turns out, God was shaping her. And her ex-fiance. Changing their hearts and their lives.

They got married a couple years later, and asked me to sing in their wedding. They shared their second first kiss in front of us all. God had known what He was thinking all along.

But is it clear yet that what I learned from her wasn't how to answer questions "the right way", or to put on a smile and bear with it? Nor did she turn her back on God because she was mad. There is a place, a sacred ground, where it is possible to still Believe in God, to still trust that His Word is true, that HE is true, and still be upset, be mad at God, be pissed if you want.

Because HE is true, and His Word never changes. HE never changes. He is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

(stepping off of pedestal)

We love MckMama, we love Stellan. Get better soon, baby.

And in case you are here reading today, to the woman who showed me how to love God and still be human, I love you too. I hope you know this.


Allyson said...

And in case you are here reading today, to the woman who showed me how to love God and still be human, I love you too. I hope you know this.

I wish someone could teach me this. :) These words made me cry.. I guess I'm feeling a little lost lately.

GodseySix said...

Nice post! I totally agree.

Missy and JP said...


I am moved to tears and thank you so much for the blessing of your beautifully written words....I completely needed this today (the Holy Spirit working through you!) and I'm pretty sure the woman you're referring to had no clue! I've been so touched by your commitment (and so many others) to baby Stellan and his mama. We've been praying too. I just can't imagine the desperation Mckmama is feeling, yet she channels her desperation to cling to the Cross and the One who knows her so intimately. I know one thing for sure- God WILL and HAS ALREADY used their trials for HIS glory. So amazing! Love you Natalie!

corrin said...

Whoa...if someone left me days before we were supposed to get married, they'd never get a second chance with me.

Mimi's Toes said...

Great post! Also, Thanks for the encouragement on this weight loss journey. Have a Great day!