Friday, January 9, 2009

Stomp, Stomp

With a subject this adorable, you would want to press your face against the back of a camera all day too!

(I wish this one had turned out a little clearer, but I loved his expression, so I wanted to share anyhow)

Mom, I don't really know about this lady...

In other non-Andrew related news, Aaron plowed the driveway today.

Drinks need to stay cold, right? (Beer is not generally artistic, but I could't resist)

I prefer the non-alcoholic kind myself.

My baby.


Aunt Jen said...

My first comment :) How exciting! I love the pictures!! I especially love the 2nd Andrew and the beer pic :) Love you and we will be over again soon for another photo shoot.
Love, AJ

becomingjolie said...

cutie pictures! I wish I had an awesome camera like yours!