Sunday, September 7, 2008

not good at this.

i am so not good at this blogging thing. when we got duke 5 weeks ago, i never imagined how much time and energy he would take out of me. i am only able to type this right now because he is sleeping. we played a lot today which made him tired. otherwise, he would be in the computer room with me eating the cords to my computer and chewing on my nice comfy chair. after about 2 days of that, i just stopped using the computer. he seems to follow wherever aaron and i go, so we spend a lot of time on the floor.

we did venture out of the house to a "tastefully simple" couples bbq last weekend, which was delightful and a wonderful time with friends! my goodies should be arriving sometime this week and i am so excited for beer bread and spinach dip! also, i met a fun girl named steph who is thisclose to having her 4th child. she craves celery and knits a lot. she it totally nesting and managed to make a baby sweater in like, 3 days. i love that she craves celery, because 0 CALORIES! i wish i craved something so good for you. instead, butter pecan ice cream and chips and salsa (obv. not together). non pregnancy cravings. odd.

aaron is out at auto zone buying a part for his mustang. boys and their toys. i'm ready to go in the bedroom and knit myself to sleep. i decided i wanted to knit after watching steph last week. if she could learn to knit a baby sweater in 3 years, well then so can i.

if you are in my family, expect to get a scarf for Christmas.