Thursday, June 26, 2008

we're thinking about getting a dog. crazy, huh? we have both been thinking about it a lot lately, and when i bring it up, aaron usuallys says i'm crazy. but in the past couple weeks, be has been agreeing with me when i throw the idea out there. i know dogs are expensive, but not as much as babies, and i figure it's a good step to take since we're just not ready for a child yet. our only issue at this time is the house being up for sale. if we leave here and go to an apartment, we'd have to make sure fiddo could come along.

i would never name my dog fiddo, btw. no offense.

anyhow, i would prefer a small dog that we can take with us when we go out of town, and of course, aaron wants a big lab or doberman or something huge that will weigh 80 lbs. in a couple months. so here we are, arguing over a dog that we don't even have. isn't marriage great??

my brain is very scattered tonight, so i think i'll retire.
last weekend was the festival, and i ate too much fried food! i got to spend time with family and celebrate leighton and simon's birthday. after the festival on saturday, we went back to the pool and enjoyed relaxing in the warmth of summer and family fellowship.

i don't really swim much, because i don't like to be wet, so i spend a lot of time lounging in the beach chairs. when family is there, i visit with them, but on days when i am alone, or just with heather and she is exercising in the pool, i grab a magazine and read up on the latest hollywood gossip. and you'll never believe, my pal and fellow blogger, corrin, is giving away magazine subscriptions on her blog! i am going to keep my fingers crossed and hope to get "LUCKY" in her giveaway!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

has it been a month? where does the time go?! may was a BUSY month for us at work, but with things they way they are, we are just happy to have work. this saturday will be our first saturday off since mid-april, and we already have plans for house work. we have to paint the garage and repair the garage door. our garage is more of a "lean-to", if you will. when we bought the house we fully intended to tear down the garage and start over with the concrete slab, but now that the house is for sale we can't hardly justify a $5-6,000 expense with little return. so we'll just make it look a little better and hope that helps.

my mom helped me pick out some beautiful flowers for the front and back of the house and it really looks great. i have never been into gardening much, but they sure are pretty to look at.

aaron has always dreamed of having his very own mustang. his "baby". well, on friday, may 30, 2008, we welcomed eleanor into our family. it was the easiest birth possible.

i am happy for him because he worked really hard to save up the money for the car and now he has a new toy. just in case you wondered, the deal was this - you get a car, i get a baby!! he's on board for the baby plan too, it just sounds like i'm getting something now too. :)

the weather here is really muggy and it's been raining almost daily, but it's better than snow. it makes the pools hard to keep clean, so we have some grouchy customers, but we have the best service and maintenance guys who are very willing to do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. speaking of, my husband is on his way home from a job right now, so i better get the table set for when the pizza boy gets here (yay for carry out on late nights!).

some pictures from the month of may:

aaron surprised me with tickets to the tim mcgraw concert over memorial day weekend, and we had such a great time!

the only tomato on my plant, but it's cute!