Monday, May 5, 2008


it seems some of the college students i blog-stalk are graduating. their posts are full of sentiments from college and the things they will miss. they talk about friends and boys and roommates, and i wish i could tell them to try really really hard to keep in touch with these people they love. but life just gets in the way. people change and they forget to tell each other. then your paths cross months or years later, and you think you'll have so much to talk about and catch up on, but your lives are in two completely different places. i do miss college, a lot. i miss the friends i made and the people i knew then, but when i reflect on the people who i have stayed in contact with, i am saddened by the amount of people i have remained true too. granted, i have the bestest girlfriend in akron who was married the month before me and we had the honor of standing up in each other's weddings. but when i think about it, i have kept in contact with a muslim (not someone i met through campus crusade) and a woman in a committed relationship with another woman (also, not someone i met in campus crusade). life is weird. the people you meet influence your life, but they come and go. sometimes the ones who have the biggest impact on your lives move on to impact other people and that's just that. i hope i have made an impact on someone's life, and when i moved on, i impacted someone else. hmmmmm. life is funny that way.