Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Honesty at it's finest.
I did not have my first Christmas dinner of the week last night and while I wasn't there, I certainly did not eat 4 cookies, 2 helpings of corn pudding, and mashed potatoes with lots of butter. This, of course, is NOT why I'm wearing sweats today. HA! Not me.
I did not cancel an appointment today with a part-time job prospect because I want to spend more time with my husband. I will probably not regret that in January, when we are sick to death of each other. We NEVER get on each others nerves.
I did not have another appointment cancel ON ME today because parents can't control their teenage children. Nope, that didn't happen here. I don't associate with children who are in control of the court system. That would not be my 1st part-time job.
I am not going to go eat a ton of left over food for lunch, from the Christmas dinner we did not go to.
AND, OH CRAP, I did not just realize I haven't seen or heard the dog in about 10 minutes, which would never mean he's eating the trash!
OH, and I would also NOT like to introduce my littlest bestest friend as a new blogger, and one-day-professional-photographer, aubri. (can i call you littlest? you ARE younger than me, you know!) Check out her site and leave her loving comments, or don't. Whatever.
(I would also not be elated if someone could show me how to do a "strike-through" in blogspot. Just saying.)
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Mrs B said...

I hear ya! Dogs and kids...when there is silence, there is a mess to clean up. Good grief!

Rachel E. said...

I get suspicious too when I don't hear the "jingle" of the tags on my dog's collar for too long. Hmm...working in the court system with kids like that will make you a great parent by knowing what NOT to do! No, seriously!

Aubs said...

Haha, no hurt will come upon you. I think you're great! I like your "not me monday" posts. And you're right, I am younger than you so that gives you the right to call me "little". I'm down with that. :) Hope you've arrived at your destination!