Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here!

Such a productive weekend! We baked cookies yesterday with my aunts and little cousins while listening to Christmas music, and it has me really excited for having kids one day and being able to start our own traditions.
Baby Andrew slept the whole time!
Aunt Heather made enough cookie dough on Friday to make 6 dozen cookies. We ate a bunch of the dough though, and ended up with about 40 cookies. oops.

Grace and Veronica were mostly responsible for eating all the dough.

Aunt Jen told me it was time for Senior Pictures.

Master cookie decorator, Heather.
Every present in the house is wrapped (!) and under the tree. 3 more presents to buy, and we're DONE! Such a great feeling of accomplishment, seeing as how I'm usually finishing up my shopping on the drive back to Ohio on Christmas Eve.

Took pictures of Duke today to send out with our Christmas card, and just have to get them printed and picked up soon to get them out in the mail. I'm not usually this far behind on the cards, but we couldn't decide if we wanted a whole family picture, or just Duke. We settled on just Duke and I'll post the picture after the cards go out.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition on next, must go!


moArdy said...

We just got our cards figured out too! Who'da thought it would be so stressful figuring out a picture :)

Nathan and Nikki Hillery said...

Oh I love christmas and family and traditions. Sounds like a fun weekend!

Andy and Julie Emerine said...

Hey Natalie!! What a fun blog! I didn't realize the link the Cline Family on Nikki & Nathan's blog was yours until I finally got nosey enough to check it out!! FUN FUN FUN!! I'll now become a regular :) Merry Christmas!