Sunday, November 30, 2008

Uh, yeah

This post is being iphoned to you from north central Indiana so please excuse the lack of punctuation. Thanksgiving was great as spending time with my family is always enjoyable! We did the shopping thing again this year and I feel good about my deals. On friday night, we drove here to visit with friends and go to a 6 yo birthday party at chuck e. cheese. More on that later.

Anyhow, Trae, our birthday boy, is now very ill. Could be too much cake or the flu, but please pray for him to get better. Also please say a prayer for Aaron as he was cooperative with clean up and we have to drive 2.5 hours tomorrow and he can't be sick. Please add me to your list because of the drive home also. Thank you.

More tomorrow from the homeland.


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becomingjolie said...

loved the hot pants! ha!