Tuesday, November 25, 2008

natty, natty, so fatty.

there are not enough hours in the day. i am going to sound very superficial here, but i need to get my nails done before going out of town tomorrow. they are so long right now, i can hardly take my contacts out. they are like claws. and they are 1/2 hot pink, 1/2 natural nail color. all together now - T.A.C.K.Y. thank you.

i have tutoring tonight in a town about 35 minutes from my house, and that won't be over until around 8:30 or 9. my sister-in-law is house/dog sitting, so i need to make sure the house is in living conditions since she will be there, which means washing the pillowcases on the bed. the extra sheet sets are all clean, but we have so many pillows on our bed, we use every pillowcase in the house to sleep with. and by "we", i mean aaron. she also will have to survive on cereal, because the grocery store is not my friend.

okayyy, here goes. i am committing to the challenge over here, and am hopefully to lose some serious weight in the next year (i'm being realistic, people. i know i won't lose 50 lbs. by february 1, so i'm not even going to try. losing 25lbs/month is NOT healthy). back in 2004 when i was still in college (ah, the memories), i miraculously got down to about 140 lbs which is the least amount i have weighed since, like, 7th grade. the drastic weight loss may or may not have had to do with the end of a serious relationship that may or may not have spiraled into depression, drinking, and bad personal behavior, but that may or may not be the subject of a blog much different than mine. ahem.

anyhow, when i was that "small" (which is "big" for some people) i could go to my closet, pick out WHATEVER i wanted, and slip it on. JOY! but now, i hardly have anything that fits, and even if it does, it is not slipping anywhere, it generally involves tugging. so. time for change. i am brave enough to tell you that i'm on the journey, but not yet brave enough to post my weight. i'm brave enough to tell you that i went out for dinner at don pablos, but not yet brave enough to tell you that i ate the whole basket of chips and salsa. by. my. self. we'll get there though, because i have a feeling this journey will involve a lot of emotions, and my friends, i welcome you to come along.

who is with me?? join the challenge at http://shrinkingjeans.net/ and let's get physical! headband and side pony and spandex, OH MY!


becomingjolie said...

Natalie, I am really proud of you! I know if I say this you're going to be like "omg jolie SHUT UP." but I have gained a significant amount of weight twice in my life.

When I went to Ocean City with CRU I gained 25 lbs. that is a lot of weight for me! for anyone! and when I got home I felt so sick...I hated looking in the mirror, I hated trying on clothes, I hated everything that had to do with my body image (which....when you are sensitive, everything seems to do with your body image)

anyways. the second time I gained like 15 lbs in costa rica. both times I lost it, but it took work and dedication. I just wanted to encourage you! you can do it, and it is going to feel SO GREAT. I am your corner woman. I will be here to cheer.

Nathan and Nikki Hillery said...

Oh me, oh my! I know what you're talking about having some extra weight on. Having a baby does some serious damage to your body and I'm pretty sure he grew in my belly - so why are my thighs so big?!? I had to go and buy all new pants to go back to work. Ugh! Here's hoping that I have enough discipline to get it off. It's so hard when greasy, cheesy food is one of my first loves. So, what I'm trying to say is I feel your pain and I wish you all the best. But seriously wait until after Thursday - you have to enjoy Thanksgiving!

Becca said...

My best advice is not to dwell on the past. Each day is a new day when you can make new choices.

Crooked Eyebrow said...

You can do it! I am so happy that you are taking the challenge at the sisterhood of shrinking jeans with all of us!

Hot pants and all...

sisterhood of the shrinking jeans