Tuesday, July 15, 2008


writers block? no, of course not. typer's block is more like it. my left wrist has been hurting so much lately, and even more when i'm typing. i'm a gluton for punishment, apparently. my mom bought me a lovely black wrist brace that resembles something arvile lavinge or ashlee simpson would wear (see below) .

okay, so you get the point. i exude coolness.

i mean, having used a computer since "oregon trail" in the 5th grade, and working in the field i do, i spend so many hours in front of the computer each week, it's a wonder this didn't all start sooner! hopefully my rockstar brace (really, i do appreciate my mom, just to clear that up) will ward of problems, or at least give me enough time to get any surgeries done the same year i have a baby so i can meet my deductible and get the health care system for all it's (not) worth (i work with insurance, i can say that).

i would write more, but i can't. and you know why.

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