Wednesday, July 23, 2008

free stuff?

i love to listen to the radio. i also love to try to win radio contests. some would say i win a lot of stuff, but for as often as i call in, i feel like i don't. one time when i was in college, i was on the radio station in toledo talking to the author of a book i don't remember the name of. when i told her i was a youth leader and we were using the book (it was a bible study on female friendships, title TBD) for our sunday groups, she sent me copies of other bible studys she had written. i didn't even try to win that, i just lucked out! i mean, she sent like 14 books! FOR FREE.

well, last night on the way home from dinner, i turned on the country station and was rocking out to taylor swift, when the dj asked for caller number 14 for tickets to see toby keith. i dug the phone out of my purse, called the number and heard "the number you are trying to reach is busy. please try again". press end. press send. and hear "U.S. 99". i say "i was trying to be caller 14 for the toby keith experience", and he says "you're caller 14" and then i start saying things like "oh, i'm so excited! my husband will love this! thank you SOO much!" and that's that.

2 backstage passes, front row tickets to see montgomery gentry and toby keith on friday, august 1st in tinley park. 2 t-shirts from his upcoming movie, 2 tickets to the movie, and a jam session with a new artist he just signed to his label.

i have the magic phone number dialing touch.


Missy and JP said...

Okay- so now I'm jealous. Toby Keith tickets with backstage passes- the only thing better would be Keith Urban tickets with backstage passes! That's awesome!! Have a superfun "badonka donk" time! ;) Am I cheesy or what!?!


becomingjolie said...

hi, WHY hadn't I put you on my "blogroll" yet over on my site? I'm such a nutjob. anyhow, you're on it now, mrs. cline =) and congrats on the free stuff!

natalie said...

that is so awesome! I like listening to country too, so I would FREAk out if I won that!! : ) Have a great time! And thanks for the offer to help out - I may take you up on it sometime!